How does running help weight loss?

Accessible to all, running has become totally democratic in recent years. More and more people do not hesitate to buy the latest fashionable sneakers, and marathons are becoming more and more popular.

Whether indoors or outdoors, running is excellent for the heart, but it also solicits all the muscles of the body and thus helps to strengthen the latter.

For an hour of running, you can spend about 500 calories, which is not negligible when you want to lose weight.

The advantage of running is that it eliminates fat without reducing muscle mass, which is not the case in all sports. So it’s a great way to refine your silhouette.

Our advice to hope for rapid weight loss

First of all, you have to have a good pair of sneakers, because running with unsuitable footwear would lead to an injury. Then start slowly.

If you are not used to sporting activities, it is preferable that you go there gradually so as not to discourage you too quickly. The more you practice running, the more you will realize that your breath improves and you hold on longer.

In addition, it is preferable to practice this sport on a daily basis rather than spacing the sessions. The results will be faster. Finally, drink plenty of water before and after the sessions. Water helps to detoxify the body, and is therefore the best ally for effective weight loss.

Set goals

Be realistic and indulgent with yourself. Losing weight is done gradually and with some concessions you have to be willing to accept.

Take stock of your consumption habits and how you live, and set goals for each week. For example, start by telling yourself that you are going to run 30 minutes on the first day and then 35 on the second day.

Running may become a passion for you. Running will not only allow you to lose weight, but will also ventilate your body and mind.

Thoughts about Sport and Weight Loss

You have finally started, and you feel lighter than ever. Know that the sport does not slim down, it refines the shape.