Top 5 Best APPS For Sports

Top 5 Best APPS For Sports

Turn your smartphone into a personal coach, what do you think? Quickly discover 5 effective apps for you (re) put to sport!

1. Nike Training Club

Why do we like it? Perfect for beginners in fitness and bodybuilding, this application offers cardio-respiratory training, yoga or muscle building, perfect to work all parts of the body. By allowing the user to set his own goals – or concoct a program of 1 to 4 weeks fully customized – in the context of session ranging from 15 to 45 minutes, the application signed Nike helps athletes to to excel and to give the best of themselves. Most? The balance sheet measures the efforts made by counting the number of completed workouts, calories burned and total training time. What encourage you to not let go!

Its price? Free on Iphone or Android

2. Pocket Yoga

Why do we like it? If yoga seduces more and more followers, it is also because it is also very easy to practice at home. Good news: Pocket Yoga will help you find the physical and moral balance you need. By offering 27 sessions of different durations and difficulties, illustrated with detailed diagrams and explanations of the voice, indicating the correct posture to achieve, this application will quickly become your new morning routine!

Its price? 3.49 € on Iphone and free on Android

3. Pact


Why do we like it? For its originality. Indeed, good sports resolutions are usually ephemeral. So, to push you to play sports, the Pact app measures your efforts with a betting system. The pitch? Commit to doing a number of sports sessions per week. If you respect the “contract” and the objectives set at the beginning, you win a $5 bet paid via PayPal. Conversely, if you play the lazy, you must hand in the wallet and pay $5 (the sum is actually taken from your bank account!). To judge your efficiency, the application was made at your time of departure and arrival to the room (by geolocation) or through the Runkeeper app that allows you to run or perform fitness exercises. In short, the more you play sports, the higher your reward!

Its price ? Free on Iphone

4. One Song Workout

Why do we like it? Because it’s the only app that has finally understood that music boosts your performance! By picking your favorite piece in your Itunes library, she then adapts the intensity of the gym exercises to the rhythm of the music. The movements change as soon as you link to a new song.Original, no?

Its price ? Free on Iphone

5. SwimIO

Why do we like it? Because it will motivate you to go to your local pool for a swimming session. You’ll love seeing live your pool lengths with the display of your progress that changes color as you approach the set goal. Bold, the application can also challenge you: cross the sleeve or go around the West Indies by accumulating the miles swam during all your swimming sessions.And since nothing is too beautiful, SwimIO is full of videos such as training exercises or tips from athletes. The most of the app? There are two: you can invite your friends to download to share your performance and measure against them but also geo-locate the pool closest to you then display it on a map with the route to the key. Magic !

Its price ? Free on Iphone


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