Impressive Effects of Hidden Sugar on the Body

Impressive Effects of Hidden Sugar on the Body

Eating more sugar, from foods considered healthy, quickly deteriorates the state of our health.Illustration with what experienced Damon Gameau for the book Sugarland.

For Sugarland (the book that follows the documentary film of the same name), the Australian Damon Gameau has tested the effects of a diet rich in hidden sugar, but not more caloric, on a healthy body: his. For 60 days, he consumed the equivalent of 40 teaspoons of sugar a day, found in our usual foods and beverages, that is to say only in food considered healthy and balanced (low-grade yogurts). fat, muesli bars, “healthy” cereals, fruit juices, sports drinks and smoothies …). 40 teaspoons is what an average teenager consumes in a developed country. Damon Gameau has surrounded himself with scientists and doctors to monitor his actions but also his health.

Results: in three weeks, Damon developed a fatty liver (a fatty liver); after two months, he had prediabetes with increased risk of heart attack and 11 cm of extra waistline. All this by not eating more calories, and less fat than before!Here is more precisely the effects of sugar on his body, as detailed in Sugarland, the book.

1. Liver


“The ALT enzyme is one of the main markers that determine the health status of the liver. Two months were enough to move mine from 20 at the beginning of the experiment (20 points below the safety threshold) to 60 at the end (20 points above the safety threshold). Hence Professor Sang’s conclusion: ” During this short period, you went from the best to the worst rate for a man . »»

2. Triglycerides


“This measure is designed to determine the level of lipids in the blood (triglycerides). In my case, I had a very fatty liver that drained fat in the blood. This phenomenon has allowed scientists to establish a link between sugar and metabolic diseases. My triglyceride level of 0.08 at the beginning of the experiment indicated that I was in good health. Two months later, however, I had reached a risk zone with a rate of 1.5. 

3. Cholesterol


“A high level of triglycerides is a new marker that can point to potential heart disease. An interaction between cholesterol and these triglycerides forms LDL particles which, small and dense, are linked to an increased risk of atherosclerosis. (This link is controversial, Ed)

4. Weight


“During this two-month experience, my weight went from 76 kg to 84.5 kg. So I took 8.5 kg, and I gained 7% fat: all with “healthy food”. 

5. Waistline


“The most disturbing is the increase of more than 10 cm in my waist. The cause lies in the dangerous visceral fat that bothers the organs and can cause many diseases of the metabolism. 

6. Caloric report

Caloric reportCaloric report1

“If my waist was rather alarming, the biggest shock came from this result. My caloric intake during the experiment was the same as before my diet. The only difference was where the calories came from. Before the experiment, I consumed more or less 2,300 calories a day, including 50% fat, 26% carbohydrate and 24% protein. During the experiment I consumed the same number, but divided into 60% of carbohydrates, 18% of lipids and 22% of proteins. I literally replaced healthy fats with products stuffed with sugar. New studies suggest that calories from sugar, especially fructose, do not behave like other calories at all. 

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