The 80/20 Rule is a Good Idea?

The 80/20 Rule is a Good Idea?

Everything is a matter of moderation. This is the new adage of the food programs to lose weight. If being more indulgent with yourself allows you to get better results, why not try? However, does this idea really work or is it just a pretense?

But, basically, what is the 80/20 rule?

This is the idea that you should choose healthy foods 80% of the time and leave the remaining 20% ​​according to your desires. In short, it is to combine a healthy and balanced diet most of the time, while giving you the opportunity to make you happy. This helps to avoid the frustration that often causes dietary failure.

While there is no guarantee that it will work for you, it can certainly help you change your eating habits. Plus, applying 80/20 can make your life easier. Why? Because you no longer have to count your calories. In short, it is always a task less to accomplish in a rhythm of life already very busy.

If you are someone who needs rules to follow, with this method you can afford not to be “perfect”. Nobody is perfect so why not adopt a slimming program that allows it?

J. Braddock, dietician and nutritionist, makes this important remark: ” The 20% is not the” bad “part of the diet. She adds, ” It’s not a bad thing to enjoy a food just for the pleasure it brings. In fact, when 80% of your diet is reached, the 20% becomes a very healthy component of your diet.

She prefers to say that the 80/20 is a principle, more than a rule. She explains that ” the rules are rigid and unforgiving. The principles, meanwhile, are flexible and flexible. And because life asks you to be constantly flexible, your diet should be with you!

To find out which principles would be best for you, Braddock suggests making a list. First, start by noting your favorite foods and eating habits. For example, it can be a lunch once a week with an important customer or your attraction to pastries. Then you have to make a list of the little pleasures that you could give yourself from time to time without it being bad for you. Like being tempted by a piece of cake at a birthday snack or prefer a delicious latte rather than a simple coffee. Once the lists are done, you just have to compare them and set priorities.

So, if you’re crazy about a particular pastry shop, skip the donuts you might find in the break room. You will then have the pleasure of savoring your favorite pastry without feeling guilty.

Nevertheless, for the 80/20 principle to work, you have to be as serious as possible. Because, even if a margin of tolerance is accepted, it is not a reason to do anything.

That’s why Braddock explains that it’s important ” to know in advance what the 20% can be “. Thus, it is important to make the food balance of your week to plan, or not, cheat meals accordingly.

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